i just wondered, i am getting the galaxy tab 3.

  • 2 December 2013
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should i also  be adding webroot preimer to it?
i am not sure if i need it,
if it is compatible,
if i can... because i have the complete version already.
I would want it merely because of its online wiping away ability as opposed to the one that comes with my complete version.

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Hello Zimuka and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Yes you can also if you have a License for WSA-ISP or WSA-Complete there are more options? Please see the list here:
Daniel 😉
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Hi Zimuka,
@ wrote:
should i also  be adding webroot preimer to it?
No, you don't have to do that;)
@ wrote:
if i can... because i have the complete version already.If you already have it (e.g. a "pc version"), you can also add a Complete to your tablet (using the same key code) - that's the easiest way to go;)
@ wrote:
if it is compatibleYes, it is;) I've been using WSA Complete not only on my notebooks, but also on my Galaxy smartphone and tablet (both with Android OS) and it works very well:D
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ah k thanks i just wondered if both have the wiping ability. i do not like to keep my information known for long.
anywho... i might be getting a different tablet and i wondered if you would say the same for it. (the note 10.1 ver of samsung tablet and not the new)
regardless though i was curious. :)
i will check back later most likely. if its the same type of thing i will likely accept as solution. 😉 (and yes i like my privacy)
I hope this piece of technology remains for a long time to come. hehe.
final edit: i just realized that only works if it has phone capabilities (the wipe ability for tablets)
so yes i accept your solution now. hehe