Is my mobile phone protected?

  • 16 June 2012
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I bought Webroot Secure Complete 6 months ago and loaded it onto my computer, no problems.
Now today, 06/16, bought my first ever android phone (Galaxy Ace) and thought that it was sensible to protect that as well.
I've followed the Mobile Help instructions for downloading the app from the Google store onto my phone and the three icons have appeared in my app list.
However, when I attempt to log in to my Webroot account via my mobile phone, using my username, password and keycode, it states that either the username or password is incorrect. (The email address on my mobile phone is not autofilled with an incorrect address.)
This is despite me being able to login to my account on my computer using the same username and password.
Also, my mobile phone has not appeared in the list of protected devices on my account. Any ideas why please?

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Hello View 45,
When you installed the app on your Android, did it also prompt you to enter your keycode?
George H
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Ah, there are a few phone-side errors that can cause the issue. 
The most common, you already-addressed, which is the phone auto-filling the incorrect email address for your account, so I won't revisit that.
The second most common is the large group of password problems.  On my phone, for example, hitting the "1" key is a challenge.  If I don't pay attention, it registers "2" instead.  Another common password item is when the keyboard on the phone for some reason decides to auto-capitalize the first letter, or even the whole password. Since the password is case-sensitive, that causes it to fail.  Because typing in a password normally allows you to only see the last character typed and only for a short time, it can be tricky.  In some cases, using the Copy and Paste method may be of benefit to assure accurate entry, since on -most- phones, you can still paste into the password field.
Then there is one server-side error that can cause the issue.  There are very rare cases where the password set on does not reach the necessary servers completely.  This is mostly seen in cases where the user previously had an old Webroot Internet Security Essentials or Complete program installed using the same email. 
In MOST cases, this can be resolved by logging into and changing the password temporarily to a "simple" password that makes use of only six letters and three numbers, and no special characters.  Allow ten for the change to take effect for the initial login system (once you pass that, it's on a different system), and try again.  Honestly, it usually takes about 1-2 minutes, but the internet is an interesting system. ;) 
If the login works after the change, you should be able to change it on the portal again, and then update it on the phone a few minutes thereafter.
If the login does NOT work after the change, getting in touch with the support team via the direct support system would be the best bet so the account can be examined for you and direct action can be taken with privacy for your information.
Thanks for your suggestion. When selecting the password option on to change my password, it comes up with the URL, Do I need to use the forgotten password option at the beginning to reset my password instead, even though I'm able to login successfully?
Hello George H,
Yes the app did ask for my keycode, which I entered.
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Oooo...  That URL it redirected to is the old system, which probably indicates that the passwords are out of sync between the old and new systems.  While you can still attempt to correct it on your own, I think it would be best to get in touch with one of our support agents in this case instead, especially if you have any passwords or backups stored on the system.  That ensures the best chance of getting everything back in sync without getting either of those two systems out of sync.  Though if you have no passwords or backups stored, there is no major contraindication to continuing to try password changes.
Also, please note that the correct URL is as if it lacks the dot, it gets to a squatter web site instead that should -NOT- be given any credentials.
Many thanks for your helpful answer and your speedy response. I'll get a support ticket opened and let you know the result.
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Hi View45,

I followed up with you via the support system. Thank you again for allowing us the extra time to research this case as deeply as we could.

Did the proposed workaround of creating a new user help you, or will you need us to proceed with the second option of generating a new keycode for you to bypass the issue?

looks like creating a new user in the online console and using that user took care of it