Is "Nightflash" flashlight app for Android malware?

  • 26 January 2015
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See YOUTUBE  It seems that the top 10 flashlight apps are all malware that access your contacts and other sensitive data on cell phones.  Does anyone know if the "Nightflash" program is safe?

1 reply

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Hello Zale,
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Could you give me more details on the exact name and what developer of " Flashlight" so I can test it on my Android? There are a couple of these apps called Hiking Flashlight..etc
If you go to your WSA Mobile and open it up on your device at the bottom you will see Identity & Privacy/App Inspector..see what information your apps have access to..Review Apps, which might be a security concern.
Webroot scans your apps quickly and then you look in there for what these apps can access.. Then you click the app in question  and a window opens and you can disable... or force stop..etc. you can scroll down to  Permissions and see what this Nightflash can access. If you wanted to uninstall just locate the app on the PlayStore and uninstall.
Also to note here Webroot would let you know before installing if this application was Malware.
Hope this helps!
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