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  • 1 November 2012
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When I try to view the website in my web browser on my Samsung SPH-D700, SecureAnywhere Mobile prompts me with a page blocker. When I tell it to "Never Block This Site", it reloads the page and prompts me again. Anybody know why it does this, because it does it with other sites.
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3 replies

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Hi craigery96,
I took a look at the site in question internally and the reason Webroot is blocking it on your mobile device is because the site has had an infection in the last 12 months.
You can check this yourself as well by using our Brightcloud (a subsidiary of Webroot) URL/IP Lookup.
Due to the nature of this site (free ROM hosting sites can serve as 'breeding grounds' for malware), this is really a "visit at your own" risk type situation.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
The issue is not with the site. I have already told it not to block the site. I can load the home page of the site without any problems, but it blocks every other individual page in the site. Also, to clarify, it [SecureAnywhere Mobile] does not prompt me when I access Freeroms on my Acer IconiaTab A500.
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The individual pages might have had vulnerabilities withing the time-frame Yegor had mentioned as well. It would be best if you Opened a Support Ticket with the URLs of the pages within the site so we can see if they need to be whitelisted.