• 25 February 2015
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Where is key code in this email =CCrPw6cFyyovaIfRcP+EI6YxuydkLDsmXaeEV8T9R3Y=; b=sdBH5+DVGX/LQDnToeJh9IbbXkQNeWHtMo236J1xUdSAwOWgH4TCqb8pMmVmKaQyvK eMW+Mq2Y1x7TCNTE8l94ZGhXqnRD60VrMMXlJigOtn0ARb2grREbAuuY6WenoeiexJ3KDZ 6XkTJ/HVcJmniOk+INddloIX/Nf5VebgS5K9KzNxMK9XnNgFSTaL40CD/p/rhFwF/DM7 cOHG3U9ej0uFRsTVTYMNiW6/eYxFTkDekQOcdtWtWFYb03LWsyw3Sa9Fw73HOMwSmPck nBFwV1mCoa2ftdSa6icAewCrcSCiQ9uyl1Txxz1V+LeyKiWEY9hEb1jWFIc6FLXB6uph 9EDw

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Hello djmann2008
Welcome to the Community Forum,
  • Your key code is a 20 Character Alphanumeric Keycode! Example:SA69-AANA-A783-DE78-C584
 There isn't a keycode in this email. If you want Webroot to resend your keycode please look here
You may request a copy of your keycode at any time by following these instructions.
  1. Go to The Reinstall Software page opens on the Webroot Web site.
  2. From the Product field, click the down arrow and select the product you are using. 
  3. In the next two fields, enter your last name and email address. Use the same email address and last name that you used to register your software.
  4. Place a checkmark in the box next to I need Webroot to email me my product keycode and complete installation instructions.
  5. Click Get Software.
You will receive an email containing your keycode, as well as instructions for downloading your software.  Keep in mind, using the link above to request your keycode will only work if you have registered your email address with us. If you have not done this, please refer to your product box for your keycode.

Note: If your Webroot program came from Best Buy, such as with the purchase of a new computer, you will need to contact Best Buy at 1-800-433-5778. Be sure to mention your subscription software through Best Buy.If this does not work for you, contact our Consumer Sales team.  Please let us know if this resolves your issue or not, Kind Regards,
Is there an id number
Can you decipher this message
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Hello djmann2008,
.Please use your email address and Keycode given to you in the email that Webroot sent you .Remember if you are still having problems then you can issue a Support Ticket free of charge with an active subscription.
Let us know if you need more assistance,
Kind Reagards.

i have keycode but i can,t register it

best buy charged my mastercard to register because my subcription expired

when i bring up webroot it says it expired was just charged over$200 to renew by best buy

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Hello @crametta 


You need to chat with Best Buy Geek Squad Directly:



going to bed now will try tomorrow problem is my computer thinks my webroot expired and i was billed over $200 for something i can,t use.