Lock device feature not working

  • 4 January 2014
  • 8 replies

Tested locking my android phone. While the test message worked the locking did not. I was never prompted for the webroot password.

8 replies

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Do you have a custom lock screen on your mobile device (pattern, password, etc.)?
I use a pin to lock my screen. It shows the time and temperature. First smart phone so not sure if it is custom.
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There is a setting in the app that allows your pattern unlock to work as the Lost Device Protection key.
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Were you forced to use your pattern to unlock the phone?
I was presented with my same lock screen. I was expecting an additional one where I would need to put in my webroot password.
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Webroot will use your personal unlock preference. In the event the user does not have a lock activated, they will be prompted to enter their full Webroot password.
I'd rather it require the much longer webroot password in addition to my pin for the added security when it is no longer inn my person.Hence the lock feature you offer. The pin is already setup. Your service then offers me nothing except adding a message to the lock screen
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I agree with you and there used to be a setting so that users could customize which they would prefer. I'll look into it and get back to you.