Lockdown requires "Background Data" and Others

  • 14 March 2012
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I've noticed that if I have my "Background Data" transfer option turned off on my tablet (usually to conserve my battery life), I won't get any of the Lost Device Protection features, until it is turned back on. Could you add a feature that will watch for this?
Also, I've noticed that some app crashes may be caused by Webroot Mobile, I was told by several developers to submit a log file to your developers, so here it is... They said that it is denying some permission in their apps automatically.
There is also another log file attached to Support Case # 00217818
Thanks for any help!

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7 replies

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Hello rtrappman.
First, Welcome to the Webroot Community and thank you for joining :D
In response to the first part of your question about "Background Data," you are still able to use the Lost Device Protection features even if you disable Background Data.  The process of using the Lock features do not work instantaneously.  When you send the command from the Portal or SMS, please allow up to 15 minutes for the features to work.
As far as the App crashes. please provide me with more details , as to which apps (and their respective version #'s) are crashing on you?  Also, did you actually uninstall SecureAnywhere and see if those apps still crash? If you can provide me with more detailed information, it will help me to further investigate and resolve these issues.
Lastly, did you already open a Support Ticket with Webroot Support?  The "ticket #" you refer to is not from Webroot Support.
Thanks, and I look forward to your response.
- Howard
Hello, thanks for your quick response. I did create a Support Ticket with Webroot, and got an e-mail back from
Your case has been created.
Case Details:
Case Number: 00217818
Status: 1. New
Subject: Application logcat logs
The log file is too big to post in this forum...
And to answer your question, it's not one particular app, after installing SecureAnywhere on my tablet, it became really unstable. After removing it, apps don't crash, leading me to believe that as the other developers have stated that they may be something wrong with SecureAnywhere Mobile.
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Which tablet do you have and what version of Android is installed?
Please Private Message me your registered email address so that I can look into this for you.
I have the Enspert Identity Tablet, and it uses Android 2.2
Also, while I have you online....

SecureAnywhere is blocking but not detecting the apps (ex: if they were downloaded from the Google Play Market). Is my device secure?
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I just replied to your PM.  Your Log files have been received and they will be reviewed.  You will receive a response in 24- 48 hrs.
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