Locked out of my Motorola Razr

  • 22 December 2012
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I recently reloaded Webroot SecureAnywhere after resetting my Motorola Razr.  After resetting my account and answering the security questions I decided to "locate" my phone to see how it works.  The map came up on the Webroot website, it showed me where my phone was and I was happy.  The next time i picked up my phone it is locked.  The "Lock Screen" comes on for a half a second then the screen/phone shuts off again.  I was careful not to select any other option, including "Lock" but "locate my device" but somehow the phone is locked.      
How do I unlock it?  All looks well when I relog into My Webroot.  The log shows I located the phone some minutes ago but does not indicate it is locked.  Nor do I see any indication that indicates that the phone is locked or how to locked it.
After continuing to play with the phone the lock screen comes on for a 1/2 second then the phone shuts down.  Sometimes then next screen unlock screen comes on for tenths of a second....but my phone turns off before I can possibly enter any information.   
Help....I have a useless hunk of electronics until I can unlock it. 

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3 replies

After playing with the phone long enough after recharging (the phone was NOT out of charge) I got the password screen to come on and I was able to enter my password and unlock the phone.  
Spooky,  All's well that ends well I guess.
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Hello cire702 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
I'm glad that you got it sorted! ;)
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Anyitme you execute the LOCATE command, or any of the other anti-theft commands for that matter,  it will automatically lock the phone. 
However, if you do not want to have to enter your password to unlock the phone, change yoru screen lock to something like the patter lock instead of the slide lock. For example, with Pattern Lock selected whenever Webroot locks the phone all you will have to do is the regular pattern and not the password.