Locked Phone

  • 9 December 2014
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How can I unlock my phone when I lost the password and changing on the web site does not work?

1 reply

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Hello wgale1009, welcome to the Webroot Community
The short answer is that you will either have to remember the old password, or the phone must be connected to the network to receive the new password.  There simply is no other option to unlock it.  If neither is possible, then you will have to bring the device into the service provider for a reset.  
The following is a quote from the official KB Article regarding this: "We have zero access to the passwords and there are no "Back doors" or hidden ways to get around the lock.  If you cannot unlock it by accurately entering the locally-stored password and cannot acquire any kind of automatic internet connection via the SIM or a WiFi network that it will auto-join for it to discover the network password... well, then sadly the app is going to do its job very well to keep you out, since there is no way to prove you own the device without the password.  At that point, unless USB debugging is on (which it normally should not be) and you know how to use ADB to remove data, it would require the assistance of the carrier or phone manufacturer to perform a factory reset, which wipes all of the user data from the phone."
I am very sorry that I cannot provide you any more help than that, but essentially the lock device feature is working as intended.