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  • 29 April 2013
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I have used MPF for years and recently changed master access password but I now seem to have lost ability to access software [wrong password] - so must have writen down new super secure pw wrong.  Any way to recover the situation and get into program.  Thanks for any wisdom/advice:@

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5 replies

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Can you please Send me a Private Message with your My Webroot Account email address or keycode?
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Hey ralphmo - Let me know if you still need assistance. :D
Unable to confnirm registration as what I thought was my security code obviously isn't. Hows do I find the correct code?
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Hello freddave, Welcome to the Webroot Community!
To reset or recover the password or security code, see This KB Article.
Good luck, and let us know if it works.  If you are unable to reset it, you may need to Submit a Trouble Ticket (Link Below).
No success so have submitted a trouble ticket.