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  • 20 August 2012
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I lost my phone on Saturday and I have the remote lock service activated. I have sent the scream and the locate commands but it appears mt device is not online. The history tab shows that the device last checked in 2 days ago.
My question is if I rechange my phone service to another device then If whoever has my phone turns it on will the device lock or will my info on the phone be available to who has it?
What is the best way to handle this?

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2 replies

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Hi dhatfield,
The device would need active service to check-in with the database and any commands that were issued from your My Webroot Account. Was your phone using a 3G/4G connection when you last had it or were you using wifi? There is a chance that the commands would be triggered if the phone was turned on and gained an active wifi connection or if it is turned on within the period before you cancel the service.
That's what I thought. I was using both 3/4G and wireless.