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  • 24 November 2012
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I installed the app on my Android phone.  I am entering my email, password and keycode.  I get an invalid keycode every time I try to log in.  I have checked it several times and it is the one on my product.  Any idea???

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12 replies

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Please make sure that you are using the email address and keycode I have sent you in a private message. Your permissions and MyWebroot account look like they are properly set up on the back end. Please let me know your results and what device make/model you are using if we need to investigate further.
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Hey ponygt2000!
I was just wondering if you were able to resolve the issue and if you needed further assistance. Please update this thread with any new information and have a great week! :D
Edit: I tracked down a support ticket for ponygt2000 and the app has been successfully installed and the issue is resolved.
I've recently had the same issue. My SecureAnywhere mobile complete gives me the same issue. I have secure anywhere complete on my home systems. I've tried re-installing, but the password/email issue happens. I've used the updated keycode that was given with my sub renewal.
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Hello OmenDash, and welcome to the Webroot Commuity!
You mention a new key code, did you remember to log into Your Account and add that new key code to the Account Manager?  Log in, and then click your email address at the upper right hand corner.  On the drop down list, choose "Manage Key Codes".  There should be an "Add Product Keycode" button in there.  You need to have the new keycode added to your Account before the Android version will accept it.
Also, make sure you are using the right download for your subscription: with WSA-Complete you should use WSA-Complete for Android
I hope this helps!
Yup. I went to my name, and added the new subscription keycode. I used that keycode on the WSA-Complete keycode for the mobile version on my Atrix II and I got that same error message. Is there a Keycode that's different for the mobile?
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No, if you use WSA Complete, its keycode is the same across all your devices. I rather tend to think that your updated key needs to be associated with your account. You can open a support ticket or wait here for Mike but the ticket is the fastest way to get it resolved.
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Thanks Pegas!  I went to bed aftermy reply.  
OmenDash, yes, if you had added the new keycode to the account, submit that trouble ticket as Pegas suggested.  There may be something at the back-end which we can't see that Support can help out with.
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OmenDash, I have a suggestion I'm going to send you via private message shortly. This may be a keycode entry issue.
Im having a similar problem. Purchased Complete for home pc but can't get it to accept my log-in or key code information for the android phone or android tablet, so am having to use the free versions. All account info is correct.
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Hello rliz45 and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I have a couple of suggestions for you to try:
  • Make sure you are using the correct Android download.  See This Article for more information.
  • Make sure you have given your account access to Mobile protection in your Account Console.  Log into the Console, and then at the upper right click on your email address and select "Manage Users" on the drop-down.  Locate the user profile you are wanting to use with the Android device and make sure that it is listed as "Access" under the Mobile Security column.  If it is not set to Access, click the little person icon for that line to edit the user and change the permissions to allow Mobile Access.
  • There is also additional information Here
I hope this helps!
Yes - thank you for the information - it was very helpful. I have it working on the phone. Haven't had a chance to work it out on the tablet yet. It may have had something to do also with email addresses - had one for pc email and a google email. After reading one of the articles, I added a profile for the google acct in my Webroot, and that seemed to help for some reason, although, in the end, I still had to use the pc profile and code to finally get it set up. It's confusing but whatever works!
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Glad you have it working on the phone.. if youj have any problems with the tablet let us know!

Thanks for the update!