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  • 4 March 2012
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I recently downloaded this app for my Andriod phone and it has been working perfectly, until tonight when i suddenly noticed that the icon had disappeared from the bar at the top of my screen. i then had to log in again to access the programme. This has not happened before.

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9 replies

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Hello hansi,
Is the mobile app currently running and behaving normally?
Also, I would like to know what version of the software you are currently running.  To do this:
1) Open the Webroot mobile app
2) Press your Android device "Menu" button
3) Select "Info"
Please give both the name of the app installed as well as the version number. (please no email or keycode!)
Josh C
Yes it is
Webroot  Secure Anwhere Mobile
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Hello hansi,
Thanks for that info!
This may have been an isolated occurrence as this appears to have resolved itself.  If you see this occur again or something you feel is related, let us know and we will continue to investigate.
Josh C
Thanks, Josh
This has now happened for the second time. When I switched my phone on this morning, Webroot did not start. I physically had to go to the app and enter my email address and password again.It then loaded ok.
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Hello Hansi
When you say 'did not start' do you mean the icon in the notifications bar did not appear or did you check running processes in 'Manage Apps' in the phone settings?
If the process is running but no icon is apparent, can you check the icons 'persistent status' by opening the Webroot Security app and pressing the menu button on the phone, then selecting General Settings.
Let us know how you get on
The icon Persistent Staus is ticked, but the programme is running now anyway.If it happens again, I'll check that first, but doesn't  fact that I had to log in again mean that it was not running?
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This sounds like what happens when you clear the cache on the program. If you clear the cache, it clears your login credentials, and you have to re-enter them the next time you want to use the software. I'd advise that you make sure you're not running any apps that auto-clear the cache on your various installed apps. Also ensure you're not running any sort of automated task killers, as those could include such a feature when they kill the app.
That's it:D I have a Task Killer which I use before I switch offto save battery drain. I will untick Webroot, so it should be ok from now on. Thank you.