Mr Lars Martensson

  • 5 June 2020
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This I belive is the first time I'm using this forum!?

I have in the last 24 hours got a notice from my mobile that your app (downloaded today from Google play) is draining the battery!? I have also noticed that the Call & SMS blocking function is gone, this without any notice to me!?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but the phone still keeps alerting me on the battery usage!! Can you please give me back the old version with the call & sms function since I badly need this! It's one thing to release updates but then one must be sure these are working without problems for the user! Yahoo has similar issues but they just don't seems to care!?


Lars Martensson

PS: Please replay on my e-mail only!!



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@Lars Martensson ,

Can you confirm which app you’re talking about? the Wifi security app? Webroot SecureAnywhere? 

We cannot supply you with old versions of the app as updates are released for the purpose of updating security and staying up to date with newer versions of Android.

In regards to battery drain - all apps drain battery. If you find that a particular app is draining *too much* battery, you can usually resolve that by making sure it isn’t running while not open. This can be done via Android/iOS settings.

Hope that helps,