multiple payments for Premier not registering product

  • 31 October 2013
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I have paid for the Premier version on June 28, August 29, and October 23 and have all the receipt emails from Google Play. Over $40 total. It is not staying registered. The Force License Check does nothing. How do I get a full refund as this is just not working.

13 replies

Hi Hamugbo,
I apologize for the issues you are having with our product.  I will work with the team to get your refund.  What email address did you register under?  I would like to enable your Premier account within app.  Thanks for your patience.
(Email removed by admin and sent securely to cnovac). I am removing the app. Sorry but just want to move on from it. Thank you though.
I just paid for my webroot to be renewed, it didnt apply to my computer so I paid again. I have the key code saved how do I apply it to the computerr &#x;
Well what the heck. You all get it working and I will give it another try.
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Please send me the keycodes and the receipt of your purchases to and I can add the days onto one keycode of your choice.
Encountering the same issue. E-mail submitted to
Purchases made on March 4th & March 15th.....neither of these are working.
Please....any assistance would be appreciated....
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Hi Historygeek
Welcome to the Community Fora...
Sorry to hear that you have a problem...but as you can see from the previous posts there are actually a number of issues referred to, and it would help if you would be more precise as to exactly which one you are encountering.
Please descibe exactly what has happened so that we can see what we can do to assist.
Many thanks in anticipation.
Of course..
I would be happy to.
I have purchased a renewal for my SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier twice since the start of the month:
- March 4th - Order # 12999763169054705758.1360383470990567
- March 15th - Order # 12999763169054705758.1306079714661407
The March 4th purchase prompted me with an 'activation' window but my battery had run out so I was unable to complete the purchase.
An e-mail was submitted, with order numbers, to https://mailto:''.
No response was ever received from this message.
The March 15th purchase did not prompt me with an 'activation' window.
However, it appeared to go through.
The software on my phone showed as up-to-date.
The application icon in my phone's 'system tray' changed from a bullseye to a shield.
I was even able to run a full scan without issue.
However, 24 hrs later, I once again encountered the 'license has expired' prompt on my phone.
I see the updated software as installed.
Whenever I try to open it, I encounter the screen telling me:
- 'License has expired.  All protection is disabled.'
My thought was that only one purchase would have been needed.
Yet, when no response was received I opted to give it another shot.
Now that attempt has proved fruitless.
I would appreciate ANY assistance that can be offered.
Thank you very much for your time.
- Historygeek
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Hi Historygeek
Many thanks for the detailed response...most informative and useful.
Looks like something that needs to be handled by the Mods or our excellent Community Manager.  Let me tag him @ and see if he can weave some magic to get this resolved for you.
Nic, any chance that you could undertake what Mike undertook previously in the post above, i.e., send in the keycodes and the receipt of his purchases to an email address so that someone can add the days onto one keycode of his choice...and if not then point us in the direction of someone who can...otherwise I suppose that Historygeek will need to open a Support Ticket?
Many thanks in anticipation

Thanks for the guidance...
I eagerly await Nic's response.

- Historygeek
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Hi Historygeek
I am hoping that Nic can do something for you or at the very least point us in the right direction...;)  Otherwise the other Mod I know who could help is @  (apologies Mike, but I can see that Nic is not around so am wondering if you can weave some magic, as before...;))
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Ok so I pinged support on this one for help.  If you uninstall and re-install that should correct the license problem.  For the double purchase, contact support and supply the Google order number and they should be able to process a refund.
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Cheers, Nic
Thought that this might be the case...but was not quite it is Android...and not one of my specialities.
Your pick up, and assistance, is much appreciated.