Network Error attempting to access the Webroot Services.

  • 30 March 2016
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My Samsung Note pad Model SM-P900 said network error attempting to access the webroot services. I last updated in Nov 2, 2014. I have not used the Note pad since then and need to use it again. How do i fix this?

1 reply

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Hey there ? and welcome to the Community forums. 
Due to you not having used or updated the device in some time it is most likely due to it needing an update. The free version was last updated on the 2nd of December to version and the premier version was last updated on the 7th of Match to version I will  post some links below. 
Free Webroot:
Premier Webroot:
Do a complete re-install for the best effect and get back to us if you need anything else. 
Best of luck and hope this helps.