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  • 11 May 2012
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Is SecureAnywhere compatible with Android 4.0 ICS?  I just upgraded to an HTC One X, and installed SecureAnywhere.  The antivirus ran fine, and from  I can see the phone registered and providing information (like last scan, last definitions update, etc.) but the lost device protection doesn't work.  I turned it on in the app, and it shows as on in the website, yet under "Available Device Actions" in the "Lost Device Protection" tab of, nothing shows up.  Also, as I send SMS messages to the phone (lock pwd, locate pwd, etc.) they just go through as a regular text message ...

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Hey Obelix26860,
Glad to see you here on the forums! Welcome to the Webroot Community!
First., to quickly answer your first question, yes, the Webroot SecureAnywhere mobile apps are compatible with 4.0 ICS. I have it installed on my Galaxy Nexus. That aside, your issue of the lost protection not working/appearing in the mobile tab is a unique one and I haven't seen it before.
This case definitely needs further investigation. At this point, the best place to start would be to have you send a screenshot of your issue (showing that the "Lost Device Protection" tab is blank) along with the mobile logs. Because I wouldn't want you to post a screenshot that has your phone number or any other personal information in it, I would like to carry this conversation over to our support system. I just opened a support ticket for you and have sent the instructions on how to get mobile logs to your email address.
I look forward to hearing back from you. We need to get to the bottom of this so you can use your Webroot SecureAnywhere Android app to it's full potential! :D
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Hi Obelix25860,
After working with you on this issue through our support ticket system, I wanted to post our findings back here on the Community so, should anyone else have this issue in the future, they can take a look here on this thread and see the steps we took to resolve this! 
Originally, I had asked to you to take some screenshots and gather mobile logs, but the lock and locate feature failing to show up in your "MyWebroot" account seemed to have resolved itself so neither of the troubleshooting steps were necessary to resolve that part of your issue. 
However, the SMS commands were still not working and the "scream" feature wasn't making any sound (although it was notifying you that the scream went through).
Regarding the SMS commands not working, we determined that the issue was being caused by the "GO SMS Pro" app you had installed. Uninstalling the app and rebooting your mobile device proved to be a quick fix for that! 
For the inaudible "scream" issue, gathering mobile logs gave a more complete rundown of your Android device's history. The logs showed that you had all three versions of our mobile app installed (free, paid, and complete) along with the NEC Mobile Security app we have for NEC devices. While you intended to use only the free version of Webroot for your mobile, you mentioned that you had used a backup app when you switched phones, which seemed to carry over multiple installations of Webroot and thus cause a conflict between the apps, resulting in your "scream" feature not to function properly. In the end, a simple uninstall/reinstall of the Webroot free mobile app resolved the issue and had your phone "screaming" in full ferocity! :D
I'm glad we were able to resolve this multi-layered issue and get your mobile app up-and-running with all it's intended functionality! Keep posting here on the Community and please let us know should you have any other questions or concerns!