One Can Request Desktop Site on Android

  • 12 October 2014
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Hello [user=24830][/user]  And Webrooters!
Did you figure out on your Android that you can open menu in lower right hand corner of your browser menu and put a checkmark in request desktop site for the Forum and you can see the Forum home page like on your PC desktop...I just figured it out! Its a whole lot easier.. :) Beings as the Forum has changed in the new updated version. For  you were asking if I figured out how to scroll to the bottom of the last recent post.

3 replies

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Yeah I already know the desktop mode and there's also a button in the mobile site where you can switch to the full version.
But still it would be nicer if we've had a functioning mobile site with the same features 🙂
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I see that button to switch to Mobile/Full on the site but those buttons haven't worked since the Forum update for mobile. So I have to use Chrome for my Browser otherwise I can't get Full version. I would like more functionality as well! 🙂
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I'm haveing the same problem; sometimes the buttons work and sometimes not 😉