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  • 30 June 2012
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I was given an unlock code by my mobile phone network which my phone didn't recognise.When I switched my phone on with my normal sim, webroot had locked my phone. I have no idea what my pssword is and the website will recognise any of my emails to change it. I never registered my keycode. Now my phone is locked I can't access my keycode to open an account. How do I unlock my phone? Is there any webroot contact in the UK?My phone is a Galaxy 2 and it is on Orange. Please help!!!!!!!!!

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2 replies

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The very first thing to do is to ensure that the lock screen is definitely a Webroot lock screen.  When doing things with SIM cards, it's also possible for the phone to go into a SIM Lock state, which is done by the SIM or phone hardware itself.  The Webroot lock screen always directs you where to go if you need to reset your password.
If you're absolutely certain it's a Webroot lock screen, then it gets to be related to remembering your password.
When you first installed the app, it will do absolutely nothing whatsoever unless it is given an email ID and password.  This can be one that you set up in the app at that time, or can be one that you set up on previously.  If you set it up on the phone, the email defaults to the gmail account used on the phone.
You can reset the password on the site if you are able to remember what email address you originally used in the app.  The device will need to have internet access to geet that password change though.  If the device does not have access to the internet (Working SIM data connection or stored WiFi connection information), then changing the password on the site would not help, and only remembering the password you entered originally will work.
If you are not able to remember the password, or the email, or try to reset it and do not have network access on the phone, the only solution is to contact the carrier and ask for assistance with a factory reset, which will delete all data on the phone.  The password is the solid and only key to determine the owner of the phone.  Without that key, the data in it cannot be unlocked.
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