please unlock my android

  • 28 September 2014
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unlock android

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Hi daveabbott1
Welcome to the Community Fora.
Not sure as to in what context your phone is locked but have found this previous thread on the same subject which my assist you.  Please take a look at this and let us know if it provides information to resolve your issue or if you need further help.
@ this is perhaps one for you, if the above does not turn out to help, given your expertise in the area of Android?
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello daveabbot1,

I'm sorry for your issues. But Baldrick has given you the thread in former reply! Depending on what type of Android that you do have you can do a Factory reset by holding the power button only or/and sound button together to get the Anroid to go into Factory reset. Or you might have to call your phone service for Technical Support to unlock your device. Can you tell us how your phone got locked? Curious to know how your Android was locked. If you do a hard reset you can get your contacts back and apps back from your Google account and the Play Store.

Please let us know the outcome or if you need me to look up your device and I can tell you how to reset to Factory if you want!

Hope this helps!
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Hi Sherry
Thanks for picking this one up...I feel better when you are one of the ones dealing with Android-related issues...;)
Regards, Baldrick