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  • 28 May 2012
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I was given a 1-year license on a promotional card, but is having difficulty scanning the barcode with my Samsung Galaxy Mini Android. How can I install this 1 year license on the unit?

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5 replies

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Hi Mungos,
I see this is your first post at the Community.  Welcome!
If your device is having a hard time reading the QR Code, you can download the free version of the app and then activate the code on the promo card.  First, download the free version from the Google Play store.
Then, to activate your Premier subscription on the device:
1. Open the SecureAnywhere app
2. Push your Android "Menu" button
3. Select "Register"
4. Select "Activate"
5. Enter your Premier keycode and press "OK"
I you run into any further issues, please let us know. 🙂
Hi again,
I've now DL & installed the SecureAnywhere Mobile Complete from Google Play in my Android.
After this I click the Accept confirmation and then I have to type in my account inof from MyWebroot acoount I also created:
* Email
* Password
* Keycode (from my promocard)
* The device's phone#
But I get an error saying that I've typed the wrong email or password???
I use the same email & pw which I use on MyWebroot website.
On this website I've also inserted my two keycodes from the Promocard (SecureAnywhere complete (PC) & SecureAnywhere Mobile)
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It sounds like you are trying to use this new keycode with an old account that's set up on a different keycode.  I can straighten this out for you on our end, but I'll need you to please private message me the email address you are trying to use and the keycode on the card.  You can click here to private message me.
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Based on the message I just received from you, (and now seeing this in your post above as well), it appears you downloaded the Complete app rather than the Free version of the mobile app. The Complete app may show up as costing nothing on the Android store, but that was not the app we intended to have you download to begin with. You are looking for the other free app from Webroot - "Webroot Security & Antivirus." Please download that one instead.
Now it worked, thanks for your help! 🙂