RAM usage on Motorola Razr i

  • 25 July 2013
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 I`ve noticed on my Motorola Razr i, that the RAM usage is quite high or more than I expected.
Using only Webroot secure web browsing(SecureAnywhere complete mobile), the amount of RAM used was as high as 160-170MB after several minutes of running the browser. Is that normal? I didn`t have any other running apps. When I turn on the phone, usage is already 33MB.
What shall I do to get this fixed?

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Hi Marwinn,

How are you measuring the RAM usage for the web browser itself? You might be looking at the "SecureAnywhere" service, which is a component that is always on. That's not actually the web browser, but rather the antivirus service, which activates automatically and is always running. 33MB usage by the antivirus service is about right. In fact, it's 55MB on my device, which is well within acceptable parameters on an Android.

As for SecureWeb, it depends on what you're doing in the browser. If you're on a site that's trying to stream a video or do some other "big" activity, the amount of RAM in use would necessarily have to increase because that video is being held in memory. On the other hand, if you just open the app and it's consuming more and more RAM as it just sits there, that would be unusual and also be something we'd want to investigate.
Thank you for the reply.
The RAM usage includes the whole security package and the browser. I use SecureAnywhereComplete(Premier) for Android The normal usage, when there`s no apps running is in my case 38MB. But after appx half an hour of browsing, it increases up to 180-190MB. That`s a lot, I guess. And the performance of the phone decreases. I checked it while I was browsing only on one website(one tab open), flash based one. When I browse on a different websites(non flash), the usage is a bit lower, 100-120MB. No streaming involved. Even after I close the Secure Browser, the RAM usage remains the same.
Any ideas?
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The way you are checking it could have something to do with the apparent usage.  Android's RAM usage is not like that of a PC.  When RAM is utilized on an Android and is then no longer in use by the app that had dominion over it, it will still appear as though it is in use until the Java Garbage Collector (a background service) clears it up for further use.  What can happen is that the garbage collector service hasn't run yet, so it appears that RAM is in use when it really isn't.  So if you have already visited the memory-intensive sites, the RAM will appear to be heavily in use, even if you close those tabs.  I would suggest force-stopping the service, then clearing the cache, and then opening the browser to one website (let's use since we can then both have the same memory usage to compare against each other).  Then, at that point, you can check the RAM usage.  Please use Android Settings > Application Management > SecureAnywhere to check it.  Alternatively, you could restart the device and check the usage by opening the browser to and then checking the same way I just explained.

Also of note, if you are using the Backup & Sync, that also adds to the total RAM usage.  So if you are uploading or downloading files, it will have an impact on that number since as a Complete user, the RAM is rolled up into a single service.  

One final thing I'd suggest is that you could always download the standalone SecureWeb app just to get a more accurate RAM reading for that particular feature.

I hope this helps.