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Hello. In my websecure web account I had my mobile phone but registered with a wrong number, very strange! But unfort was not possible to modify the number from the web console as it always complained because of wrong format number. So I decided to delete and re-add it. I didn unistall the app. In my mobile phone (Android) the websecure app is working good but now I don't see my device anymore in the web console. How to re-add it?Thanks

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Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

Name: Webroot Secure Anywhere mobile Premiere with 166 days to go
Definition set: up to date

No other security software installed
No automatic task killer
Android Galaxy J7 (2016)
Android 6.0.1

The issue was that I wasnt able to change my mobile n in the device list. And I deleted it. But now that I have deleted it I am not able to see it anymore in my web console and apparently there is no option from the app to add it again. I can give you my product it if needed. Regards
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Hello @Gramants ,

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Would you please uninstall Webroot from your Mobile device and reinstall it again from the
Google Play Store? Clear your cache first in your Mobile Settings/Webroot/Cache/Data. Restart your device and then reinstall Webroot. After Webroot scans your device you can check your Online Account Console. Sometimes it takes time to register in the Webroot Cloud.

Here is the Mobile User Guide:

Note: Make sure you have your Webroot keycode written down or saved for the reinstall.

If you still have issues then you can always Submit a Support Ticket free of charge with your Webroot Subscription.

Please let us know how things turn out or if you have anymore questions.

Thank you,