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  • 5 August 2012
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I did as you suggested and contacted Google Play. They say it is up to the developer to support their app. 
Individual app developers
Once the app (free or paid) has been successfully downloaded and installed on Google Play, the individual Android app developers (the person or group of people who actually make the app or game that you’ve downloaded) take it from there. If you’re having trouble with an app force closing, freezing or any other problems, these are things the developer should be able to help you with. Find out what issues third-party developers can help you with.
I purchased Webroot Premier from Google Plus on 4/15/2012 and never received a number from Webroot. I did the same on 08/23/2012 from Google Plus for my Asus Tablet and have had no problem with that one. The one for 4/15/2012 was for my smart phone. My smart phone still says "Free" and if I click the "Premier" tab it wants to charge me again. Here, once again, is the copy of Webroot's email to me after the 4/15/2012 purchase (note with no number):
Webroot Software
Apr 15
to me
Dear Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Customer,
From all of us here at Webroot, we couldn’t be happier that you’ve picked us.
To take full advantage of all your app’s amazing features, log in to the Webroot mobile security website.
Log in now >>
*The email address used to log in is the same as the email address we sent this message to.
From the mobile security website, you’ll be able to:
Find your phone on a map if it’s lost or stolen*
Activate a scream alert to find your phone nearby*
Remotely lock your phone to protect your personal data like passwords, contacts, and photos
Completely wipe your personal data from your phone if your phone is lost for good (Premier App Only)*
To see more ways we secure your Android™ device, click here.
We’re glad to have you with us,
- The Webroot Crew
And here is the copy of the Google Plus purchase the same day (also without a number):
Google Play
Apr 15
to me
Thank you.
You've made a purchase from Webroot Inc on Google Play.
Item Price
[sensitive information removed by Admin.]
Security & Antivirus Premier $19.99
Tax: $1.30
Total: $21.29
Questions? Contact Webroot Inc.
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Originally mention was made related to Complete, but then an In-App purchase was mentioned, so we need to figure out what precisely is going on, because these are two completely different things.
On the Play Market, there are THREE apps. 
The normal Free app
The Premium app ($19.99)
The Complete app (Free)
The complete app -only- works when you have a copy of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete for a PC.
The free app allows for the $19.99 purchases inside the app.
Your message indicates the In-App purchase, which is unrelated to Complete.
So what we need to know:
Do you have a copy of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete on your computer?
If you do, then we need to help you get set up with Complete on the mobile device as well as figure out the Premium purchase and what will be done about that, since it was likely unneeded.
If you do not, then we need to work with the Premium purchase and figure out where yours went.
I do not have Complete on my PC.
Like the Google Play receipt says, I have Premium for Android.
I have the welcome from Webroot with NO number (you have a copy) I have the receipt from Play with no humber (you have a copy).
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The Android app doesn't get a key code assigned when the purchase is made. If the app was upgraded from free with an in app purchase, the original key that was issued automatically when the app was first installed is upgraded to a paid key. If the purchase is made of the app directly from the market, the newly purchased app is issued a new paid key.

If you currently use the same email address on both devices, you may use the paid key from a device that has the paid version working. If you do not use the same email address on the devices, you should get the necessary email address to support and we can look up the original purchase. If you used the same email to sign up for this community, I can attempt to locate your key when I return to the office on Monday.
I use the same email for all Webroot stuff.
The only product that works is on my Tablet and runs out in a few days.
The one I purchased through Play runs out 4/15/2013. That is the one that has not worked since June.
This is so frustrating--this is at least the 3rd time I have communicated all this to you people. I think I'll just find an Android security app that is actually supported and lose the $20 + tax that I paid for Webroot that should have worked from 4/15/2012-2013 and instead reverted to the FREE version in June since you guys don't seem to be able to support your product.
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Hi Richard,
I asked about the Complete because of this message that you posted saying you were working with SecureAnywhere Complete:
Hi. Like many, I'm also getting the user credentials not associated error. I've got SecureAnywhere Complete on three PC's, but it won't work on my android phone. Richard
That is why it was important to find out if you wanted to use the Complete version on your mobile (Which has everything in the Paid App plus more) or wanted to use the paid app separately.  There is a different route we have to take for you depending on which one you wanted to do.
Combine the July 22nd message clearly stating SecureAnywhere Complete with the August 4th message indicating a Google Play purchase and it's easy to see why I requested clarification as to which one you want to use.
The reason the April purchase was not working correctly is bcause the Play store had a minor fault around that time that caused four purchases to not contain the information from Google about who made them, so there was no way for us to associate the purchase with the keycode that needed to be upgraded by it, nor contact the customer who made the purchase.
We are able to take care of this for you, but we still need to know:
Do you want to use the Complete product that you spoke about on July 22nd?
If so, we will apply the purchase cost of the April Play invoice to your Complete time.
Or do you want to use the April Play purchase (which you can use on multiple devices when you use the same user credentials)? In that case I will reset the time on that purchase for you since it was not usable after the app gave up on getting the upgrade solidification alert from our system since Google didn't tell our system it was upgraded.
We need to know which route you want to take otherwise the system will be set wrong and it will not work.
Option 2 (below) is fine with me if I can use this on my Tablet and my Galaxy S3 phone.
How do I get this paid version on both devices?
>>Or do you want to use the April Play purchase (which you can use on multiple devices when you use the same user credentials)? In that case I will reset the time on that purchase for you since it was not usable after the app gave up on getting the upgrade solidification alert from our system since Google didn't tell our system it was upgraded.
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What I am going to do is set your user account over to the proper keycode (It's attached to the currently-broken free key), that will be the key that you used on your tablet.  If you need me to send you that key, just let me know.  I'm going to reset the full year on that key, and also I'm going to add six months extra because there was an overlap of four from the two purchases.  Because you can use the same key on mulitple devices as long as it's the same log-in and password, the overlap isn't necessary.
Once the account is swapped over for you, make sure that you sign in using the same email account you used on this forum.  If your tablet already has the key, which will be good until some time in 2014 now, you can copy it to the registration screen on the other device.  If you do not have access to the key, check your Private Messages and you will find it there.
To get to the keycode, both to read it and enter it into the other device:
To read the keycode, make sure you are on the main screen of the app.
- Press the device's menu button.
- Tap "Register"
Your keycode information will be displayed.
To enter it on the other device, make sure you have installed the FREE version of the app and are on the main screen.
- Press the device's menu button.
- Tap "Register"
- Tap the "Activate" button
- Enter the product key and tap OK
You'll want to make sure you keep a record of the key.  As long as you use the same email and password to log into the app, you can use the keycode on multtiple devices or change devices.
Thank you! It worked.