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  • 27 February 2013
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I just replied to your support case as well. Unfortunately, no, that is not what is reflected in the video you sent up. In the video, at 1:18, you successfully deactivate device admin for the first time. You did this by going into your Android settings through the Settings icon itself rather than being directed through the Webroot app. However, immediately following the successful deactivation, you then reactivated device administrator by tapping the check and then tapping Activate. Had you not done this, you should have been able to go into the Webroot app itself and uninstall, because device administrator was off at that time. If you try again, you should have greater success. The important part is what the screen says after you tap the check. What your video demonstrated was that, on your device specifically, if you enter the Device Admin settings screen via the prompt in the Webroot app, tapping the check does not deactivate device admin, whereas if you enter via the Settings screen on the device, it will successfully deactivate device admin. We know this because it shows you a different screen. However, you are tapping through the menus so quickly, you are probably not reading the prompts you are being presented with to know this. Please try again, this time disabling device admin via the Android settings screen, which you enter via the Settings icon itself. Deactivate device admin, making sure the button you are pressing says "deactivate" and not "activate." Then go into the Webroot app and choose to uninstall.