Secure anywhere complete installed but not linked to email address

  • 27 September 2012
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Ok, I had a few issues getting secure anywhere complete keycode sorted - this is now done.
I managed to install SecureAnywhere Complete android app onto my Galaxy Ace 2, I  check MyWebroot, and the device was listed but showing as having 8 issues that need resolving.
I look on the device, and it says there are no issues, however the webroot icon is not showing up in the notification area at the top of the screen.
So I think I will try uninstalling and re-installing the app, it asks for a password - I enter the password I used to install the app and to log into myWebroot, and it is not accepted. I check the "Subscription Active" link on the app, and the correct keycode is listed, but no email address.
When I log back into MyWebroot, the Ace 2 is no longer listed.
So, the phone has webroot installed but seemingly not working properly, but I cannot remove the app to reinstall it because it appears the lack of email address in the subscription details of the app mean that my password is not accepted.
Help... again... please... I'm starting to feel like everything I do related to Webroot is doomed.

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Hi Tom,

You have two keycodes and three email addresses in your console.  Please private message me the ones you're using on the mobile device.
I also see that you're still working with Yegor in this case.  I'll circle around with him and see if we can determine if there is any related problem here.