SecureAnywhere Mobile - Requesting to be a device administrator after update

  • 8 December 2012
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After the latest update, I started getting a warning that Webroot needed to be set as a device administrator.  I am trying to figure out why it needs that level of access.  I have not seen anything here and the update notes were not clear enough.
Can anybody tell me what this is needed?

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2 replies

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Device Administrator is necessary so that SecureAnywhere can monitor what access other apps on your device have and flag them if their behavior is malicious. It is necessary for the App Inspector feature that shows you what your apps are doing (access messages, cost money, access sensitive information, track your location, drain your battery, etc.).
It also prevents SecureAnywhere from being terminated or uninstalled by malicious apps by changing the uninstall method (you have to uninstall from within the app itself Android menu button>uninstall).
Here is a knowledge base article that explains how to uninstall if you need further assistance:
Device Administrator & Uninstalling Webroot for Android
Awesome! That was what I needed to know.