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  • 29 October 2012
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I thought that SecureWeb Browser (SWB) functions more less in the same way how WSA protects the supported browsers on PCs. I mean for instance having the checkmarks in Google search, blocking the bad rated webpages (tested on where while I've got a warning on PC I've got nothing on Android and the page loads) etc. It looks like that none of the said features are presented in SWB. Therefore can you shed more light or am I missing something?
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Best answer by JimM 29 October 2012, 16:56

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2 replies

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Treatment of specific sites may vary between a PC and a Mobile version of the site, which is normal. SecureWeb will warn you before visiting malware sites. While there are no annotations in the search results, it will still pop up a notification if you are attempting to visit a threat site. I can't post an example URL, but any site that is listed as a threat at should be blocked in SecureWeb.
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Thanks Jim for the explanation ;)