SecureWeb for Android not working at all

I have the secure anywhere complete on my HTC EVO 4G using the android 2.3.5 system. Everytime I try to use secure web to go anywhere on  the internet it goes to a blank page and thats it. I uninstalled then re-installed the webroot app on 3/14/12 and it worked for 2 days then quit again. Everything was working fine until I did the last update just over a week ago. Any ideas?

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I'm looking into this issue for you. It appears we've been able to reproduce this in-house on at least one device.

Please let me know whether or not this helps:
Open Settings on your device, go to Applications -> Manage Applications -> Webroot SecureAnywhere and tap Clear cache. You only want to clear the cache specifically. Do not tap clear data, as that will reset the app entirely. Please let me know if that helps.
Did what you said and still don't work.
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Go ahead and try Clear Data on the same screen please. This should reset the app entirely. You will need to re-enter your keycode, username, and password upon reopening the app. Please let me know whether or not that helps.
Ok will try that. I did a uninstall then re-install 3 days ago and it worked for 2 days, then stopped last night. But will try this.
It is working for now, this seems to be the same as what I did 3 days ago. I would like to leave this open to see if it acts up again in a few days like it has the past 2 times since the last app update.
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Absolutely, we'll leave the case open. It shouldn't ever happen at all, and our goal is to eliminate it ever occurring.

- Jim
Sounds good.
My secure web quit working again this morning. It is doing the same things as it has the previous 2 times.
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This issue is currently being researched and when we have more information it will be provided.
If you notice any other symptom or issue that could be related, please let us know!

Thank you,
Josh C
Al right thank you for looking into it.
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It looks like we have three different issues regarding the new Secure Web Browser.

1. Application comes up BLACK upon launch
- Our developers are aware and are looking at this issue.

2. Application comes up BLANK, as reported here. This does not occur immediately at install like Issue 1.
- I've sent you an email requesting application logs. Please go ahead and collect those. This will require further investigation.

3. Message stating "application is not installed."
- This is a problem with the Android operating system itself. The way to resolve this is to restart your device. Then the icon in Applications will work. If there is one on the home screen that still doesn't work, you will need to delete that icon and use the one from Manage Applications. You can create a new one for the home screen at that point, and it will start working again.
Only issue #2 is what I'm having. Sent logs for you to go over.
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Just a quick followup on this:
One of our developers took a look at smoker2479's issue (Issue #2 from the above list) and created a fix. That fix is currently being tested by our QA department. We hope to have it into production soon.
Sounds good.
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This has been fixed in version 2.7, which is now available.