shields won't activate on my Galaxy Note2

  • 14 April 2015
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I keep receiving a warning that I'm unprotected but when I click "fix it now ", and it directs me to the shields page, I then click on the "activate" for each one but nothing happens? My laptop is working fine, just this problem with my Galaxy Note2.

1 reply

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Hi coryi,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
Would you have a look at this KB Article here and see if this is what you are asking about?
Can you do a reboot of your Galaxy Note2?
If that doesn't work and correct the problem would you reinstall Webroot from the Google Play Store? Or follow these instructions Here
Also if you'd like , you can submit a Support Ticket free of charge with an active subscription. They will gladly assist you with this.
Let us know if this issue gets resolved or not. Ok? Thanks!
Kind Regards,