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what browsers are currently supported with 'Secure Web Browsing'

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Hello rm22.
Welcome to the Webroot Community. 
My understanding is that  SecureWeb Browser  is a browser in itself.
Hope this helps, and please get back to us with any questions, or info. Thanks. 
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Secure Web Browsing was introduced in Android version For now it only works with Android 6.0 and above.
I believe it works with all the main browsers. It certainly works with Firefox.
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Ah, thanks for the clarification there ? as I'm not using it myself at present ?
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You are very welcome ?.
There was an earlier thread here that sort of went round in circles for a while but we eventually sorted it out!
I've installed in Android 5.1 - Secure Web Browsing states it is 'on'. I'd expect an error message if it wasn't supported.
does Webroot have a test page to make sure it's working?
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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Check here with your Android device and let us know how it works?
Daniel 😉
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Mine Blocked everything with the Webroot SecureWeb Browser on Android 6.0! So IMO yes it's very secure!
Daniel 😉
thanks for the link to
using Firefox test 1-3 are blocked by Webroot AV and test 4 is not blocked - i.e. Secure Web Browsing does not work
using Chrome test 1-3 are blocked by Webroot AV and test 4 is blocked by Secure Web Browsing
using SecureWeb test 2 is blocked by Webroot AV and tests 1,3,4 are blocked by the browser
Unfortunately Chrome & SecureWeb both leak IP (via Webrtc) address using a VPN. SecureWeb also does not allow blocking of 3rd party cookies, appears to have Java embedded and it's not clear if it deletes cache/history on exit - i haven't checked
So for personal info using a VPN it looks like Firefox is still my best option - it has anti-phishing/malware built in or i can add uBlocko
 EDIT - formated now - i guess this site does not like Ubuntu-Firefox browser. I'm back in Windows now and it's functioning fine
EDIT 2 - these tests were in Android 5.1
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SecureWeb Browser and Secure Web Browsing are a little different.
What browsers are supported?
  • SecureWeb Browser is its own browser.  It does web filtering to secure you while you use it to browse the internet.  It does not affect any other browsers on your device.
  • SecureWeb Browsing is a feature of our security app.  It applies website filtering to browsers that come pre-installed on Android.  For many Androids that's Chrome.  For others, it's a "stock" browser specific to that device.  You can turn this feature on or off as you wish.
What OS versions are supported?
  • SecureWeb Browser is supported for Android 4.0 and above.  There is no real difference in how it works depending on the OS.  
  • SecureWeb Browsing works differently under the hood on Android 4.x and 5.x than it does on Android 6+.  As Nemo mentions, we had to build in Android 6 support specially.  However, it still does work on older OS versions just fine.  
Thanks for the reply - yes, i'm aware SecureWeb is a browser. I tested SecureWeb, Chrome, and Firefox browsers on Android 5.1 as I stated above.
I have 2 requests
1) please add support for Firefox - I'm trialing Norton right now because they support it (or fix SecureWeb browser)
2) the SecureWeb browser should not have WebRTC (or at least disable it), 3rd party cookies should be blockable, no private data should be recorded (default private/incogneto)...  without these this browser is not very useful
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Thank you for your suggestions! I will pass them along.

Did you know we have a specific place in the Community to request features? It's a good place to post ideas because you can get support from other Community members and make sure your request gets seen.
thanks Sophia
Is Midori browser supported?  I can't tell but I don't think it allows plugins?  Thanks.
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No, Midori browser is not supported.