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  • 14 March 2012
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im using wsa complete and i have a folder on my computers that i sync with them but how do i sync that same folder to my droid that i have wsa complete on also?

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4 replies

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There is no automated sync available on mobile devices in the sense that when you add something to a folder on the computer it automatically appears on the Android or vice-versa.  It would be unwise to implement such a feature since our packages for the sync portion of the program can be extended all the way up to 100GB, and the average size of a sim card is far, far less than that amount.  That is not to mention the sheer amount of bandwidth that would be consumed constantly over what are typically lower-speed connections on mobile devices.
However, you can manually sync files from your online account onto the mobile device at will.  Open up SecureSync on the mobile device and navigate to the file you wish to retrieve.  Then press and hold down on that file and choose Download.  You can manually send a file in a similar way by navigating to it within SecureSync through the icon for your phone under My Devices, selecting the file to upload by pressing down on it, and choosing to Upload to Server.
- Jim
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i did see the option to hold down on the file and download to my phone but when i edited the file on the pc it didnt sync(change)on my phone?is it suppose to?
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No, what you're describing would be an automated sync function, which is not available on mobile devices.  If you manually re-download the file, it will download the updated version though, assuming that version has synced at that point (if it's a huge file, this may take a bit of time to upload/download).
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ok thanks for explaining,i got it