The phone is locked

I buy a new phone and take out the sim card of the old phone and put it in the new phone to pass my contacts, when put it back in my old phone webroot look the phone. I never now this option was on and never put a password to unlock the phone. So now how can i unlock the phone.  Thanks

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Only the Premier version and the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete version are able to lock your mobile Android device.  For this to occur, you must first enable Lost Device Protection and set up an account at 
Also, the two ways to lock a device are to send a SMS message with "lock *mypassword*" or to issue the command from the online account

The password to unlock your device would be the same password you made when you created your online account.  If you have any problems, let us know!
Josh C
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It is literally impossible to lock your phone without having taken all the steps described by Josh, so you should be fine following his guidance.
Let us have your result please. 
Thx & regards,
Thanks for the fast respond.
    I have never open a Secure any where account whit a password to lock the phone. This is the strange part how the phone get lock and now what can I do to unlocked. 
To day I open a secure any where account to see if I can unlock the phone or forgot the password, there is no phone register in the account or trace that I open a account.   Thanks
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Strange ... can I ask where did you buy your phone? I intentionally ask because I am not aware that WSA premium is being pre-installed by any carrier and/or reseller but I can be mistaken. If it was pre-installed though you should obtain a license info including default password from reseller then.
BTW, didn't you buy WSA complete? If so, please try a password you are using to log in into your webroot account.
In Ebay I purchase the phone and  webroot  from android market. 
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The Android market is indeed where you would purchase the app. 
At this point, we need to gather additional information regarding the software and the current software/subscription currently installed.
Please send me a private message with both the email you may have registered (possibly the gmail account associated to this Android) as well as the keycode for the software.  This should have been sent to you after downloading and purchasing the Premier application.

Josh C
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Couldn't be the case that WSA premium was already installed on your phone before you bought it from Ebay? If so you have to ask a seller for password. I mean that even if you bought the premium from android market, somebody did it before you and he applied the Lock with his password. Therefore you are not able now to unlock it with your password.
Hope Webroot folks from this forum may help you further. 
Thanks for the help.
I now I have a keycode because I see it when working whit the program, but i have not writed down.
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Hi there,
You can access your keycode, manage your security, etc by logging in to your My Webroot Account
To access the keycode, after you have logged in to your account, select the pull-down menu in the upper right corner of the page and select "Manage Keycodes."
To Manage the security and to setup the Lost Device feature, select the "Mobile Security" tab at the top.
I hope this helps.
What's your mobile phone and model number?
If it is network lock,get unlock code from for some old mobile phones of Nokia,Samsung,LG etc., at free of cost.Here they ask you to specify the country name,the current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.