threat found:


Webroot says is a threat "threat found". When I try to remove the threat it fails. It fails because it tries to units tall "messenging app".

Please assist.


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i started having the same problem tonight.
Same here, on mine and my wife's phone.
I haven't had the phone out of my posession or have downloaded any apps, so this must be a false hit.
I think Webroot should look into this ASAP.
I'm getting the same message.  Can't remove the threat due to it being the messaging app?
I have also just started having the same issue. I don't think my phone will even let me uninstall messaging.
+1 for me too.
Popped up on both mine & husband's phones tonight. What's the deal?
One way to get a bunch of new members signed up 😕
Or lose valued customers.
Having the same issue but only on one of my android phones. Can't remove threat as messaging application can't be uninstalled. By the time I tried to call technical support they were closed. Let me know if anyone finds a resolution to this threat. i found this about 30 mins ago and this is the first I am seeing others so good to know I am not the only one in this boat.
What version is the messaging app on each of your phones - mine is 4.1.2-I8190TDCAMA3
same issue on two of my phones
Says android sms spyware but I cant remove
Mine just started on GS3 build 4.4.2, no idea what is causing.  Tried to clear memory and restart, shut phone off and removed battery but comes back right after power on. 
is this real or false positive?
It is Webroot that is detecting it, and suddenly all these people at once? Maybe a false positive?
Not sure yet we have another discussion going on here ,
Did Webroot start using a new set of detection signatures?  You tell us, you seem to have all the proper icons attached to your post.
Webroot is saying it's infected all of a sudden.  Nothing I nor Webroot Complete installed on phone have done yet has cleared the warning/possible infection.
I just received notification that Webroot detected a spyware program called Android.SmsSpy in the messaging program on my phone, but when I try to remove the item it says "Messaging uninstall unsuccesful."  Has this happened to anyone else?  How do I get rid of it?!  I don't want tracking on my phone.  Especially since I don't know why it is there or where it came from.  I can't uninstall or force stop my messaging program, that's how I text.
Got a BS automated message from my trouble ticket.
Exact same problem found on both my wife and my phone earlier this evening. Have been troubleshooting and researching on line for at least 2 hours now and also found Tech Support already closed. We have Samsung Galaxy S-4's and up until a few hours ago we didn't have this problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Webroot Secure-Anywhere Complete on both phones, hoping it would prompt a new result...but no change. Found that this "Android.SmsSpy" is listed by Webroot and several other virus scanners as a Trojan Malware Messaging spyware which shows up on our threat scans as  "". The "F-Secure" website summarizes the threat as: SmsSpy.F is a malware that targets banking consumers in Spain, posing as an Android Security Suite application.
Well, suffice it to say, it's either a threat definition update that wasn't thoroughly run-through by Webroot before being deployed today, or something bigger is out there that a large number of people now have. I'm on the hold line with Sales to try and get a human-being that I can notify of this potentially high-risk threat...either high-risk to the user, or high-risk to the Webroot company because of the trouble it is now causing many customers...who may opt to use competitive software after this if Webroot doesn't get this under control ASAP. With luck, my already 15 minutes on hold will end with an empathetic and professional agent that will see the value in contacting some on-call technical support personnel to tackle this. I'll update again if a human-being finally answers and we get anything new. Thanks. Paul - Tampa
It just happened to me too!  You posted seconds before I did.  Glad to know I'm not the only one...I guess.  But this is disturbing.  It's a tracking program from what I found from searching on the web.
Same and phone tech support has called it a day.
from tech support:

Thank you for contacting Webroot Support. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

It does appear the detection in question was a false positive. We have re-evaluated the definition detecting the application you report and corrected the false positive on our end. Within the next 24-48 hours we will release a new definition set with those corrections and you should no longer see that detection. In the meantime, you may choose the option to "Ignore this threat" and this will prevent Webroot from displaying the alert again for that particular app. We appreciate your report and thorough troubleshooting!


The Webroot Mobile Threat Research Team