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  • 14 March 2012
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I am hoping that someone can help me.  We have used Webroot for many years for our 3 home pc's and now we are moving into the Android world.  I have loaded the free android app to my tablet but when I go to log in it says that I have too many activations.  I have 3 pc's and Webroot itself says that we should be able to also have 3 android devices.  Has anyone had this issue and if so, how did you solve it. 
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2 replies

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The problem you are running into can be circumvented by using your original keycode (the one with only letters in it) instead of the newer one with numbers in it specifically on your Android device.  If you use the older one, which points at the same data anyway, it will work.  If you need us to provide you with that keycode, please open a ticket here:
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