Trojan, OperaSerice

  • 5 April 2014
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Hi, noticed this morning webroot found a so called trojan on phone, i take a look and OperaService, odd really as had opera for months now, but i thought ok remove, webroot can't remove, says uninstall unsuccessful, the service is forced stopped/disabled but still wont remove,all help well appreciated

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3 replies

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Sorry to hear that you are having an issue.  In this case given that it relates to Android and services, etc. I strongly recommend that you Open a Support Ticket and let an expert from the Support Team take a look at this given that it sounds what ever has been detected and whatever action take so far has mixed something up.
It may be that a factory reset is finally the only option but given that this is a radical steps in terms of what happens to personal files & data, I would seek the help of the experts.
Hi I experienced the same , I tested many anti viruses but the only solution was an app called "App master uninstaller"
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Hi Said
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Thanks for sharing your experiences...we very much like that here.   :D
May I just point out, and apologies for doing soon after you have joined, that whilst the app you mention in your post may well do the job it does require the phone to be ROOTED.  This voids the support warranty, I believe, for Android, and in addition if using Webroot on your phone and you contact Webroot Support for assistance you will be advised that installations on rooted devices are not able to be fully supported, particularly when the installation is changed in ways that are not intended.
Please see this post that gives a clear answer about rooted devices and WSA.
Again, my apologies for seemingly being picky but whilst I am sure a number of users such as yourselves most llikely know what they are doing re. rooted devices and understand the pitfalls of rooting alot of our Community members are not so technical and may be inadvertantly be led astray/to try something like this when not understanding the potential issues, etc.
Hope to see yo around?