Vibration from Tablet

  • 5 December 2017
  • 5 replies

Download webroot now can't get Tablet to quit 
Vibrating every few minutes.
Have shut down -restarted
Driving me crazy

5 replies

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Greetings, @!
I see you've already opened a ticket with our Support Team. Please try their instructions:
"For testing purposes, we would like to have you uninstall the application from your device and use it for a few hours to see if the issue reproduces."
I've re-opened your case so if that does not resolve the issue you'll still be in contact with our Team. Thanks!
Ok will take me a min and will check back with ya
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Please do let me know!
I have installed.
And my tablet did quit doing all the vibration.
So I am going to take it in and download the best buy at geek desk and let them look at my table.
It is just crazy...
Thank you will let you know what happens after I do that this weekend
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No worries at all, @.
Have a great weekend & I'm eager to hear what happens over the weekend!