Webroot cannot find my device! 3 times...

  • 29 February 2012
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I'm new. I instaled the Webroot, performed a full scan. Ok.
Then I went on to see the other features.
I tried the "locate my device" feature on "Lost Device Protection" tab 3 times, but it couldn't find it.
Although it could find it for the "Scream" feature.

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Hello TM,
What version of the mobile software is currently installed?  To find this:
1) Open the Webroot Mobile app
2) At the "You are Protected" screen, please press your Android Menu button
3) Press "About"
Here the name of the software installed will be displayed along with the current version, what are these on your device?
Does this device have any other security software installed or is the device rooted? Also, please ensure the GPS on the phone is turned on an active.
Josh C
Genius! :)))
My Gps was turned off...
Thanks a lot and sorry for wasting your time...
Have a beatiful day!
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Hi TM,
Glad we could get this taken care of!  If you have any other problems just let us know!
Josh C
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Great to have you in the community! :catlol: