• 14 December 2012
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Hello Moderator and other members,

Its urgents and need your help ..

I just pulled out my sim rfom the phone and now webroot is asking for the Webroot ID password to unlock the same..

I don't remember it, so I reset the password with the link provided and now the problem is,

I don't have any DATA connection in my phone as I switched off the WIFI in phone last time.. 

Even I don't have any DATA in my SIM..

I have very important data in the phone and I need it on urgent basis..

That's the reason I cannot Factory reset the phone even..

Find me a solution pleaseeeeee...!!

Thanks in advance

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Hi Srp_11,
What you are describing is the proper function of the app.  A SIM card lock is a feature of the software that activated properly as it should, and the password screen is asking for a password that you set.  The password is a secure value that only you know.  If you forget it, you can normally reset it, but with the device in airplane mode, it may as well be locked in a safe with a combination you forgot.  :( 
Unfortunately, if you place your device into airplane mode, you don't have a data connection anymore, and a password reset you do online will have no way to make it to the device.  If you don't remember the original password you set, that's a bad situation to be in, and we are sorry for your frustration.  However, the app is doing exactly what it was designed to do under such circumstances, and we have no way to assist you in bypassing that security feature.
This issue is discussed in this article as well, which I would encourage you to take a look at.
I changed my sim which has a data activated on it and phone is not on airplane mode ..

But is is not recognising the new password also
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SIM cards do not control whether a data connection or wi-fi is activated or not. That is a setting in your device's OS, and you just told us you have neither a data connection or wi-fi connection in your prior post because had turned them off. You don't necessarily have to be in "airplane mode" per se, but if those connections are off, you have no way with which to receive a password reset communication.
Data connection can be very well activated by holding power off button and it gives option to activate the data ..!!
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I'd like to confirm that information please, because based on the reported symptoms, it sounds like there is no connectivity.

Please private message me the make and model of the device, as well as the Android version number, the email address in use, and the keycode for Webroot if you have it available. We'll do our best to help you if there is anything we can do to assist. Thank you.
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Get the same probe, and the only password that matched was :
The one of my Webroot account
Hope that helps
Not working
Dear jimM
I have sent you all the requested details

Any progress..??
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Jim will be back Monday to continue to help you.
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Hi Srp_11,
Jim will continue assisting you tomorrow morning. He has received your private messages and will have more information for you.
What is the issue you are experiencing, Tabazan? I see that you have two SecureAnywhere Antivirus subscriptions but I do not see any mobile free/paid accounts where you would be experiencing a mobile Lost Device Protection issue. You can Send me a Private message if you have any mobile related subscriptions and if you need further assistance.
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Hi Srp_11,

I've looked over your account, and there is nothing strange happening on this end. The only issue that could be occurring that has not already been mentioned is a failure of the device to communicate with the console to obtain the password reset. The old password will still work if you can remember it.

From what I've learned from your private message, you have the ability on your device to toggle airplane mode on and off via your power button. While this is useful, the device does not automatically input wifi credentials for you, so if you are trying to connect to a wifi network for which you must enter login credentials, that would still not be possible. The best way to troubleshoot this would be to go to a location with a wifi network for which you know for certain that you have already input your wifi password and that you know from experience it will automatically connect to when within range. Alternatively, you could try going somewhere with no wifi signals nearby but with a strong data connection and try to connect that way.

It's also possible that you're dealing with the device's own SIM card lock, and not Webroot's. This is mentioned in the article I linked to above as well. Does the lock screen you're referencing look like the one pictured in the article I linked to above? It not, that's not Webroot's lock screen, and no amount of password resets would reset the password to a lock screen that is not our own. If you forgot the password to the device's own lock screen, I'm afraid there's not anything we can do to help you with a feature that is not ours.