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I just received a new Galaxy S4, and before I install webroot, I was wondering if there is any way to remove or tunrn off the logo that will be shown in the top bar on the screen of the phone?

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Hello bmedcom and welcome to the Webroot Community!
You can turn off the icon, but remember that this does not shut down protection: it only hides the icon.
See This Link for details.
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Hello bmedcom and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
May I ask why would you want to remove it as it gives you your security status?
I am wondering the same thing. Is there a reason why someone would want to?
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Personally, I would prefer that the icon remain visible, but I have seen other posts in the past requesting to hide it for various reasons. Just a personal preferance I guess.
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Hello TripleHelix,
I am generally in agreement with you.  The first thing I want to see on any of my devices (Android, Kindle Fire HD, or PC) is Webroot load and give the ok. 
However, some people really prefer to control the asthetics on their mobile devices as much as possible.  We get this question from time to time in the consumer queue.
David S.
I've removed the icon in the past using the documented method. I've just reinstalled the software on my phone and it would appear the option to remove it is no longer available. I'm one of those who would prefer not to have it displayed unless there is a problem.
From the Menu key, I now have "Settings" and "About".
Under Settings:
Change Master Password
Set Application Password
Collect and Mail Logs
Poll for Commands
Does anyone know if the option is no longer available, or has it being moved elsewhere?
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Hello nextgen and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I have tried to look over past Android release notes, but I am not able to locate anything specific to changes in the Settings menu.  What you describe however, makes it obvious that changes have been done.  I am sorry I am not able to help with details, but my own Andriod device is now so old that it is no longer supported. 
Hopefully we will have another reply from a current Android user with better information, but if not you can also submit a Trouble Ticket (Link below) and ask Support about it directly.
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Just checked on mine and it's under "General Settings" (or something like that, my entries are in dutch). It's the upper left entry under the menu key. Under there I have a  "Permanent Status" (again text may vary) which has a checkbox if you uncheck this the logo should go away.
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I turned my notification off, but for a different reason: Theft.
I believe that if the phone is stolen and the theif sees the notification, he will be more likely to do a hard reset on the phone to prevent it from being tracked as opposed to the Webroot program being hidden a little in the apps page.
Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem as nextgen.
I have an HTC One and the menu button provides only Settings and About (no General Settings - something I found in a thread from 2012) and the Settings tab is only for changing Passwords, collecting and mailing logs and polling for commands.
Have you found a way to address the problem for new devices? Are you planning on releasing an update for this?
I find that if I let every icon that wants to be shown up there to actually stay visible permanently, then it is just distracting from notifications about stuff that is happening here and now. I only want notification updates for when something in the status changes.
Cheers for your help!
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Hi Vilibalds, I like to have the Webroot icon so I can make sure its on and working and easier to open program from top icon. I imagine I would still get notifications but haven't tried to change as others have posted for reasons of not having icon displayed. All are valid and interesting. Just to let everyone know Webroot hardly uses any resources when displayed either.

Glad to have you on board..
That's just the thing though - I treat it as a regular antivirus program as a typical user (not too tech-savvy but not clueless either). I let it work in the background and I never actively check what's going on, but I do want to be notified when **bleep** hits the fan.
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Yes I'm rather swayed towards eye candy but I think if someone tried to access my phone or stole it as mentioned in previous would be better if program wasn't displayed..a lot to consider now a days. Nice to be able to have a prefence. Right?
Exactly. I don't have anything against others wanting to see it, but I want to have the option to have it hidden. How hard can it be? 🙂 (Instert Top Gear reference here)
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Well this community is the place to be where we all can share our opinions and ideas. Broadens our minds to hear what everyone thinks and feels.

Keep posting your ideas too!
For what it's worth I did find a semi-solution that might work for some others in the future googling for the same problem. I pulled down the notifications menu and held my finger on the Webroot notification until I got a little pop up about app settings. There you can disable all notifications from the app with a check box.
The problem with that is that I fear now I wont get any notifications even if I do get  a virus or malware problem.
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Doesn't sound like a good idea if notifications are disabled. Would be good question for the android Authors here like DavidP1970?

Not sure will look around for that question to be answered since it's a good one.
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Hi Vilibalds
Best approach to try and get some feature added or changed is to log a feature request in the Ideas Exchange (see top of any page).  CHeck out first to see if anyone has already done so and if they have you can add your comment & more importantly support the idea by giving it kudos...the Development Team review the Exchange regulalrly and will update features in terms of where theya re in the overall review process, etc.
If a feature request does not exist already then you are most welcome to start such a request then see it (hopefully) garner support from the Community as described above.
Recommend that you give it a try...and if you do try to take time to clearly stae what the feature is, how it should work and why you believe it is an important addition to WSA.
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😉.Thanks Baldrick you bailed me out of that one.:D:$
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Bailed you out...never!  You were doing just fine....perhaps a little more focus but going in the right direction...;)
It is just one big learning experience...and so much fun...:D
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Yes learning all the time...focus is the key word..and yes I'm having fun! smileysmiley.