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  • 9 April 2012
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The latest update keeps crashing on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc s by not auto scanning when i download any apps restart the phone works for a while then crashes again uninstall re-install works for while and crashes again some help with this i'm awaiting for some help on this issue anybody.

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9 replies

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Hello and welcome to the Webroot Community dalykurn!
I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with Webroot on you Android and would like to help you resolve this.
To better determine exactly what is going on, there's a few things I'd like to know.
1. First and foremost, is the device rooted? If so, unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will work properly on such a device because improper root permissions settings changes can negatively affect any app.
2. Are you running any task killer apps? If so, it is likely that this app is deactivating Webroot as it comes on and tries to scan the apps you download.
3. Do you have any other mobile security apps installed? These can cause a variety of conflicts with Webroot ranging from scan issues to compatibility issues that cause the program to close.
4. Finally, can you verify what version of Webroot your Android is on and if it is the Free, Premier, or Complete app? To check this, open up your Webroot Mobile App and press the Android menu button from the home screen. Then press "About."
The answers to these questions will hopefully tell us the full (or at least more complete) story of your issue and will really help as we continue with the troubleshooting steps. Please let me know and we will go from there.
edit 4/10/12 for a slight inaccuracy
No my phone is not rooted i have no task killer running on my phone yes their are other installed mobile apps on phone my vesion is 5 3 4 and its premier
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Hi dalykurn,
At this point, we need to gather mobile logs from you Android to help us troubleshoot further and pinpoint the cause of this issue.
Here are the steps to get these logs:
1.  First, replicate the issue you have been experiencing.  Be sure to do this immediately before following the rest of these steps.
2.  Open the Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile app.
3.  From the main screen of the Webroot app, tap the Android Menu button.
4.  Tap General Settings.
5.  Tap Support Options.
6.  Tap Collect and mail logs.
7.  Mail these logs: Please see PM for e-mail address to send logs to.
Please let me know when you have sent these or if you have any trouble with the log gathering process.
What is PM to see email address and where can i find it
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Hi dalykurn,
Sorry for the confusion.
I have sent you a PM (private message) with the email address to send the logs to. To check your private messages here on the Community, click on the envelope next to your username. That will list your private messages. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Thanks for info i've sent the logs you have requested from my email address { Email removed by moderator}.
i've sent the logs again i hope yuo got them this time
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Hi dalykurn,
Thank you for sending the requested logs! I have reviewed them and would like to continue troubleshooting the issue.
I have opened a support ticket for you and have sent you email instructions on what to do next. Please look for the email from Webroot Support and follow the link to access your support ticket and see the instructions (note: the email will have a password which you will need to copy before clicking the link so you can paste it in when prompted). We will continue with the troubleshooting in the support ticket and after the issue is resolved, I will post the solution here in the Community. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Thank You,
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Hey dalykurn,
Thanks for following all the instructions in your support ticket. I'm glad your Webroot Premier app is auto-scanning properly now. After going through the various troubleshooting steps, the issue seemed to have been due to either a direct conflict with the Smart Lock App or an "out-of-memory" issue. By uninstalling Smart Lock, you basically killed two birds with one stone. Not only did that ensure Smart Lock doesn't conflict with Webroot auto scanning the apps, you also freed up some processing memory.
Please let me know if you have any more questions or issues!