webroot problem

  • 28 April 2016
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This is 2016 and your product seems to not be doing its job because it recently keeps on stopping it should keep my browser up to date and restrict and Id unathetize personal on this phone untrusted websites and if it detectes a problem it should tell you how to fix it but it does not another thing your product date says 2010 wow that when I first bought it

1 reply

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Hi bigben
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Well, there certainly seems to be a lot in your post.
When you say 'stopping' could you be a bit more specific? Is that stopping or hanging when scanning or just freezing/becoming unresponsive?
When you speak of "unathetize personal on this phone untrusted websites" are you referring to popups asking you to call a support phone number? I am not quite clear as to what you are referring to there...for information WSA does not include popup prevention features, etc...for that you will need to install a 3rd perty extension...and we can advise on that.
As for a product date of 2010...where exactly are you seeing that as WSA was launched in 2011...it is a completely different product to the pre-2011 Webroot products.
If you could provide some additional information by way of clarification we can look to try to help.
Regards, Baldrick