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  • 16 March 2012
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I installed Webroot Security & Antivirus on my Anroid (Huawei Sonic) a few months ago.  Today I got a notice to say an upgrade was available for download.  I asked to install it, agreed to the terms and conditions, but after downloading the file and attempting to install it, I get an error message "insufficient storage available".
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - uninstall worked fine but the same problem occurred when trying to reinstall, so now I have no virus protection.
Checking my storage I have 17.96 MB available on internal SD card and 16.92 MB available on internal storage.
Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

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Hello brucephi and welcome to the community forum!
Your problem seems to be indeed related to insufficient space. I think that cca 18MB available is too low. In my HTC Desire S WSA takes 7,33 MB so we can draw a conclusion that during installation WSA counts space available and if it is low it rejects to install with a prompt you have seen on your device. However I don't know what a minimum space available is required. It needs to be clarified by webroot techs.
In the meantime please try to clean your space a little bit more to see if that is of any help. 
Thanks Pegas - I uninstalled one large application and that made enough room. I seem to have only 150MB available for applications - is there some way I can use my SD card which has 1.5GB free?

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Glad it solved your issue!
I am not sure you can install WSA on a SD card. At least in my case I can't do that. I rather think it is not possible since WSA as a security application needs access to and/or handle Android system files.
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While Webroot can' be moved to the SD card, other apps can sometimes.  The Insufficient Storage determination is made by the device itself, not by Webroot, so it gets doubly-tricky as well.
To move apps to the SD Card, go to the global Settings menu, then go to Apps or Applications.  Tap Manage Applications, or, if your device has it, "Storage Use" if you want to see the biggest ones.
When you tap on a specific application on the list, it -MIGHT- have the option to "Move to SD Card", usually the right button on the second pair.  Not all apps can be moved to the SD card, and not the entire app gets moved with those that can, but going through all the apps and moving the ones that can is often a benefit.
Small Internal Storage will always be the bane of smart devices.  At least I can say I have 1.2 GB, but at the same time, compare that to an iPhone with 16 GB and it's somewhat meh.  Thankfully the 16GB SD Card holds all the music and photos, but still...
Thanks Kit. This has allowed me to clear some much needed memory.
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Hello brucephi, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃 Any other problems come up, this is the place to get answers fast. Excellent Community Support on this Forum!
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Kit the iPhone reserves a couple of Gigabytes all to itself for system files / updates and the like so you don't get full use of that memory either.
If an Android device is rooted it's possible to use App2SD to move the entirety of all apps to the SD card however this can cause alot of issues with the Android OS itself if the SD card is either removed or changed and has the potential to 'brick' the device.
There are pros and cons to both ecosystems.