webroot web site says my phones has a threat.

Hi ive used webroot for a before on my pc and found it to be a very good program and had no problems and so i thought id try it on my andriod mobile and its been working great then recently i got  the premier version and my login home page tells me my device has threats and i tryed a scan on my device and its came back clean ...? please help .

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It can take time for the My Webroot Account to update with the scan results from your Android. What exactly is the website telling you and what version of the SecureAnywhere app are you on? If it is not the latest version (at the time of this post we are on https:///t5/Webroot-Mobile-Discussions/Version-2-8-0-3070-has-been-released/td-p/5744) please turn Automatic Updates on within the Google Play Store and update the SecureAnywhere app.
Please make sure that your device is connected to either a WiFi or 3G/4G connection and run another scan.
Please let me know your results.
hi mike im on  https:///t5/Webroot-Mobile-Discussions/Version-2-8-0-3070-has-been-released/td-p/5744) automatic update is enabled on googleplay store on my andriod device and connected to wifi update over wifi only was enabled would that affect this.
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What does the portal say the issue is on your mobile device?
hi mike 
it just says threats detected on the web site in red no description.
hi mike'
on my on my portal aswell it says my definition update was 16 hours ago yet webroot on my android says 21/06/2012 a few moments ago and iv got it set on hourly updates and hourly scan.
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Just to speed it up, could you log out and log in your portal, and see if that updates correctly?
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Hello ADD33,
I was just going to follow-up with you to see if you had tried what djames had suggested? Is everything reflecting on your My Webroot Account properly?
no im still getting the red threat on my pc with no decription yet webroot on my phone after a full scan come back clean ?????????/ please help...
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ADD33 wrote:
no im still getting the red threat on my pc with no decription yet webroot on my phone after a full scan come back clean ?????????/ please help...

I recall I had the same issue after syncing of my HTC with PC had somehow broke. There was only one solution how to get rid off this problem with account ... reinstallation of WSA in mobile. After that the problem disappeared. 
ok ill try that.
hi pegas
thats sorted out the problem thanks alls greeen now
thank you  again ....
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Beautiful! I am glad your issue was resolved in quite a simple way.

It might be worth to make it sticky thread and put it to FAQ as a valid solution for such a kind of problem. What do you think Webroot folks?