WebRoot Wi-Fi Security for Smartphone

  • 25 May 2022
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I just purchased WebRoot Wi-Fi Security and now have it operating on my home laptop.  Okay, now I want to put it on my Android smartphone.  I tried using the same message on my email but it says “unsuccessful” as far as downloading.  You all will have to pardon me, I’m really behind the times and, first, I don’t know if installing it on my smartphone is a Good Idea, Necessary, or a waste of time.  Can anyone out there offer some advice or a  FAQ link or something?  I’d be most appreciative  Thanks in advance.

Oh - while we’re at it (and this’ll show just how much of a novice I am).  Does one have to restart the VPN upon reboot of the laptop?  Or does it do this automatically.  Thanks again.


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Hello @duluthian 


Did you try to download from the Google Play Store?



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Thanks for the tip.  Yes, that did it.  I now have it installed on my Android smartphone.  But my home page won’t load when connected to the VPN.  I realized that my sending address has changed so I’ll try to fiddle with it today.  I had a similar problem on my laptop and this required logging out and then in again when connected for it to load properly.  As with anything, there is a learning curve.  Thanks again.