Webroot won't let me load Kindle or Gnotes and says it has a Android.SMSreg virus. How do I fix?

  • 26 January 2017
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Webroot won't let me load Kindle or Gnotes and says it has a Android.SMSreg virus. How do I fix?
DROID TURBO Android Version 6.0.0

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Hi dhake,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Please have a look at this thread.
As for Kindle and Gnodes I am not sure why Webroot would block these downloads. Please have a look here
Have you tried here for Gnotes.
If you are having issues then you can always Submit a Support Ticket which is free with a Webroot subscription. They can check this out for you.
EDITED: Support Number: 1-866-612-4268 M-F 7am?6pm MT
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Iv'e tried to remove and reinstall both apps with the same problem.  Droid won't let me remove Kindle, only force stop and disable.
There 'may' be a chance that something was loaded when I clicked on a Facebook message that someone sent me, but when it looked like it was doing something other than playing a video, I stopped it right away.  Later found out the person that sent it was hacked.  That's why I did a scan and Webroot came up with those issues.  I had webroot remove the problem, but still can't load those two apps without getting a warning again.  It shows that Android.SMSreg is causing the block.
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I've submitted a ticket
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I have just found out from our Webroot Threat Researcher that this is a false positive.
As stated here:
"We have corrected this False Positive. It should be resolved within 24 hours, but until then reports of this issue may still come in. It affects a number of different apps, unfortunately. If there is a report about "Android.SMSreg" being found on legitimate-sounding apps like Kindle, Gnote, Samsung Billing, etc, then it is likely the result of this FP.

Again, it's been removed from the system so it should stop flagging apps pretty quickly, and the issue should be completely resolved within 24 hours."
Hope this helps?
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You are most Welcome dhake! 😃