Annoying window started showing up yesterday in bottom right corner

  • 14 July 2022
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I have been using webroot for years and now suddenly I get a popup in the bottom right of the screen when I open any new page or even in my video game. It stays for a few seconds then slowly vanishes. it is NOT an information screen, it just shows a box of what webroot can do. It blocks needed info and I just don’t want to see it anymore. It started yesterday 7/13/22


I am on windows 10 if that makes any difference.


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3 replies

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Hello @Paladin62 


Contact Support:


Webroot Support:

Submit a ticket is the best way!

Call 1-866-612-4227 Mon - Fri 7 AM to 5:30 PM (MDT)


Webroot Subscription Software from Best Buy:

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Chat with a Geek Squad Agent

Call 1-888-BEST-BUY or (1-888-237-8289)


Note: When submitting a Support Ticket, Please wait for a response from Support. Putting in another Support Ticket on this problem before Support responses will put your first Support Ticket at the end of the queue.



and this is why people are leaving. Crappy service. Instead of a simple answer, they send you to a long wait to someone who is as helpful as a lead vest to a drowning man.

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Hi Paladin, 

To resolve your problem we would need to see exactly what your issue is. We can’t just provide a fix from you typing that you saw a popup on screen (other than just default uninstall/reinstall). We have technicians that would be happy to remote onto your computer and evaluate logs and see the issue at hand. This community can’t provide support on individual specific issue other than directing you to our support engineers who would be able to evaluate and resolve them. This is industry standard to have to contact support. Please Submit a ticket or call us at the numbers and links specified above. 


I do see that you opened a ticket (with email you used on this community) back 2018 and we responded within the hour. I have put a note on your support profile that you need help and linked to here, but you need to create request for it to be worked.