Another Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2013 Review

  • 23 June 2013
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Here is another good review on WSA AntiVirus 2013.
Good points
• Great value for money
• Uses a very small amount of disk space
• Great malware detection
• Powerful behavior-based detection'
Bad points• Poor anti-phishing protection
• Lack of features like laptop mode.
(These 2 points above Webrooters can explain further on these 2 issues)
Overall SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2013 is a powerful antivirus program. It also has some nice little extras that don't come with other antivirus products. The system is easy to install and has a helpful and clear interface, making it easy to operate. The system takes up less space than its competitors but it doesn’t scan files so quickly and it doesn’t score so highly in independent tests. But Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2013 is still a solid, reliable antivirus solution and a good purchase.
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4 replies

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Thanks tsr. Nice review. Simple and easy for everybody to understand. 🙂
 "Reviews" which  provide a link for "Buy it now" have ZERO value!
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@ wrote:
 "Reviews" which  provide a link for "Buy it now" have ZERO value!
That might be true except for the fact that this website has reviews for 18 different AV products, and has the links to purchase the products directly from the manufacturer for ALL of them.  Providing a link to purchase for ALL items reviewed does not indicate any form of bias, for or against, any of the products reviewed.
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Hi David:
   Your response was to the point and accurate as "usual";)  The review was NOT bias by any means.