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  • 2 January 2013
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when i was looking at available upgrades i was notified that my 2013 subscription was going to be deactivated due to it being purchased at best buy??? to late im already 100 days into license no way to return to best buy !!!! WARNING THIS COMPANY IS COMPLETLEY FRAUDULANT DO NOT BUY WEBROOT this opinion was further enforced by support absolutley refused to deal with situation. people are better off with microsoft security essentials .

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The details of your particular case appear to be under investigation in the support system.  So until there is a final conclusion drawn, I will have to refrain from commenting too heavily on your particular circumstances.

That said, the email you received typically goes out to folks we've identified as having purchased a product that say, for instance, was scheduled for field destroy or never arrived at its shipping destination on its way to the store.  Or maybe it got to the store, but the store mistakenly said it didn't.  There are a lot of other possible scenarios as well.  Somehow it ended up being sold anyway, but Webroot was never paid for it.  Thus, we can't justify the back-end expenses of supporting it.

This situation would potentially be analogous to Ford sending a car out to a dealership, but the dealership never receives it. Then it mysteriously shows up on craigslist a few days later, and some unsuspecting well-meaning individual buys it for pennies on the dollar.  Well, Ford is still wondering where its car went, and when it finds it, it sends out repo men to go get it.  Legally, the purchaser of the unauthorized product has no claim to it.  They do have recourse against the unauthorized seller though, so there is still potential for getting your money back by following up with them.

All of that aside, this situation actually benefits you, believe it or not.  Here's why: As it happens, there is presently a sale going on for WSA for $9.99, which is precisely the discount you're being offered for your troubles in the email that was sent to you.  So, what you actually get out of this is a full year of WSA for nothing, which is better than the 240 days remaining on your license anyway (by 125 days).  I'm going to point this out to the agent fielding your ticket as well, and you'll likely receive a similar response via the support system.
thanks jim for your prompt response ,but i think im just going back to norton never had problems like this. i appreciate offer but i do not trust webroot if i buy another key it will just deactivated in a 100 days again
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You're welcome! It would not be deactivated in 100 days if it's a legitimate key. It would necessarily have to be legitimate if purchased directly from us, so there is 0% probability of the new key being deactivated for being unauthorized. No need to worry about that. Of course, if you want to pass up a free year of the best antivirus on the market, we can't stop you, but please keep in mind the current $9.99 price is a limited time holiday deal.