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  • 21 May 2012
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My brother got his computer serviced @ Best Buy (BB) to get rid of the Smart HDD malware and he had them install Webroot SA Antivirus because of it's low resource usage.  I noticed that the key code had some Best Buy references (I think) , and the paper insert in the CD case has a subsection for Best Buy within the main Webroot website for product downloads.
1. My brother has a 3 user, 3 year licensing Webroot SA AV version from BB, so does he need to use the CD version / download from the BB subsection of your website, or can he just use the normal "wsainstall.exe" to install on his other machines?
2. Can he create a My Webroot account online for himself and register his keycode?
3. How does he handle renewals - through Best Buy or Webroot?
4. I just recently became a Webroot fan and have installed WebRoot SA Complete.  Since I am the family tech support guy, can I put his keycode as a separate console on my own My Webroot account at the same time that he has his own My Webroot account?

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5 replies

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Hey Virtualpb,
The Community is a great place for these questions :D
1. It is best for him to use the CD or the section for Best Buy on the website. You can always use this downloader link as well!
2. Unfortunately he cannot create a My Webroot online account with a Best Buy subscription. The good thing is that this functionality is not necessary for the basic SecureAnywhere Antivirus software.
3. Renewals will be through Best Buy Assurance. Or he can purchase SecureAnywhere through the website after it expires which would then make things easier on you as the ‘family tech-guy’. Then, in the future you could simply do renewals/upgrades through the website here
You can add additional keycodes to consoles but this would not work if they have an existing My Webroot account.
Hope this helps!
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So I would not be able to even add to my existing acct a console with his Best Buy keycode to check on his status or license use?
The only way for my brother to check how many license is currently in use is to call Best Buy Assurance?
For support of getting rid of stubborn malware if for some reason his laptop with Webroot AV became infected should Webroot support be able to help initially, then bring it in to Best Buy Assurance as last resort?
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1.) Correct, he would not be able to make a My Webroot account and that information could not be synced with your own as long as his subscription is through Best Buy.
2.) Yes, he would need to contact Best Buy assurance in that case. If for any reason he needs to switch computers, each uninstallation of the software on a PC will remove that user. So he could uninstall and reinstall continuously without going over his 3 user limit. If he ever moves to a new PC he would just need to properly uninstall SecureAnywhere.
3.) Yes, Webroot support will help your brother and anyone else using SecureAnywhere software whether they are a Best Buy customer or not. We will not send them to Best Buy Assurance for technical issues. Our support is also free of charge, including advanced malware removal. 😉
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I may be mistaken, but I believe under the 2013 version of the Best Buy program users are now able to create a My Webroot account.  This is, in fact, necessary in order to use the Password Management feature of the software which was recently added to all users.
The Best Buy version has also been changed to include support for Mac and mobile platforms.  The link to access all of the downloads is 
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Best Buy provides Webroot Internet Security Plus and bundles it with some machines. You are correct that you can create a MyWebroot account with this version and this is necessary to use the mobile apps/protection and the Password Management functionality.